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Five Things Friday 4.1.16

5 things friday

Happy Friday, y’all! And happy April Fools Day! What antics have you witnessed so far? The only thing I have seen is an email from Red Robin introducing their zero calorie burger. Very funny Red Robin. Very funny. The day is still young. On to my rants and ramblings on this fine Five Things Friday!

Fast Food Challenge

Today is April 1, and it marks the first day of a challenge my husband and I have decided to take on. For the entire month of April, he and I have pledged to not consume any fast food. Now it’s not that we eat fast food all that often. But, a combination of stress, exhaustion and limited time for food preparation has led us to eat fast food more often than we would like. So, for the next thirty days, we will be holding each other accountable–no fast food for the next 30 days starting today.

Netflix Shows

I love Netflix. I have to admit that there are a number of shows that I have binge watched on Netflix in the last year or so. The problem comes when I find the show that I absolutely love, and I watch every single episode, in a matter of days. Now, its not that I sit and stare at the television all day like a zombie. I always have these shows on in the background, while I work and care for the munchkin.  Recently, my mom has turned me onto two shows that I fell in love with. So in typical Amy fashion, I watched Bloodline and Grace & Frankie, all the way through, as soon as I could. And now I have nothing left to watch. It’s actually a pretty pathetic feeling. Now what?

The News

As a Social Studies teacher, I’ve always watched the news, religiously. I enjoyed local news, national news, you name it. Lately, however, I have begun to have a great deal of worry and anxiety after watching the news. The morning newscasts are full of heartbreaking, tragic, and just generally negative stories. This week I’ve seen stories about a teacher pushing a preschooler with special needs, to the ground. I’ve seen a news story about a local girl who was murdered by her father. I’ve seen a news story about a couple accused of sexually assaulting an infant. I don’t know if it’s being a new mom, or if people have become more and more dangerous, scary, and deranged. It is just too much. Once the weather forecast is over (as unreliable as that is), the news is shut off. Chuggingtons it is.

Postpartum Hairloss…And Growth

five things fridayWhile I was pregnant, I heard about postpartum hair loss. I figured I would lose a little hair here and there after giving birth. Ladies and gentlemen, postpartum hair loss is no joke. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was pulling hair out by the handfuls. And, there was hair everywhere in my house. I began to look like I was suffering from typical male pattern baldness. Now that the hair loss has subsided, and hair has begun growing back in, my hair looks ridiculous. In the areas along my hairline, especially at my temples, I have hair that is about an inch long. And the wave pattern doesn’t match the rest of my hair. The “mom bun” is no longer a viable hairstyle option. I have been trying diligently to grow my hair out from my last short haircut. At this point however, this may no longer be an option. The long hairs are straggly, fine, and stringy. The short hairs are wild. I am tempted to cut my hair short again, but I wanted desperately to have long hair once again. Decisions decisions. What is a girl to do?

Making Our House a Home

Two and a half years ago my husband and I bought our first house.  At the time, we were planning and paying for our wedding. While we were so focused on financing these large, but important purchases, other things were neglected to say the least. Sure, we were able to buy brand-new furniture for the house. At the same time, our current home decor, appliances, and other home goods are a hodgepodge of items from our previous homes. As a result, we have some really old, mismatched things.

I would really like to start focusing on making our house a home. I would love to to purchase items to decorate each room, and to replace those items that are old, worn out, and falling apart. Towels, bedding, kitchen knives, curtains, kitchen towels, picture frames, wall art, you name it. The problem is, this can be really overwhelming and expensive. So I’ve devised a plan to make it happen. Each month, I will purchase one of the items from my list of “wants.” Now, the tough part is figuring out what to purchase first. What should I buy in April?

I’d love to hear from you! How did you deal with postpartum hair loss and regrowth? What shows should I be watching on Netflix while I wait for new seasons? Comment below and give me your “two cents!”

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