#2017ProjectChange: February Social Media Fast

The first month of #2017ProjectChange was a success, as I definitely spent less! I am excited for February, as it means its time to tackle my next goal; a social media fast!

February Goal

Spend less time on social media


I must admit, I spend far more time than I would like on social media throughout the day, and night. My son still wakes frequently at night to nurse, and the majority of that time is spent perusing Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook again! During the day, I find myself mindlessly staring at my Facebook feed on my phone, or looking at the same pictures over and over again on Instagram. As a result, I am finding that a) I am not being as “present” as I would like to be with my son, my husband and my family and b) much of that time could be spent doing other things, like reading blogs, novels, and the news. I am also hoping that taking a break from the negativity of social media might have a positive impact on my psyche as well.

Now what?

Initially I was thinking I was going to shut down all of my accounts for the month. If I do that, however, I won’t be able to access my RunawayTeacher.com Facebook page to share my blogs! That just won’t work. So, instead, I am going to limit my access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • I will be deleting Facebook from my phone, since that is my primary concern. I will allow myself to spend fifteen minutes on Facebook before bed.
  • I will be deleting Instagram from my phone, and will not be accessing the site for the entire month of February.
  • I will be de-activating Snapchat for the month. I don’t use the app often, and when I do it drains my battery and uses up my data. Good riddance!
  • I will be deleting Twitter from my phone. I will likely not check Twitter for the entire month of February.

When I do have downtime, instead of wasting time on social media I hope to:

  • Spend more quality time being present with my son and husband
  • Read more blogs.
  • Catch up on the news.
  • Read a novel!

What are your goals for February? What changes are you hoping to make, and how will you tackle them? Comment below to share your plan!



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