February Social Media Fast: Halfway There

As you may know, my goal for February was to spend less time on social media. I decided to remove my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat apps from my phone, and I have limited the amount of time that I spend on Facebook. I didn’t want to deactivate my accounts completely, as I use them for this site, and to stay connected with friends and family.

How is it going?

I am about two weeks in to my social media fast, and I have done quite well with sticking to my plan.

  • All of the apps remain deleted from my phone.
  • On occasion, I spend ten to fifteen minutes on Facebook in the evenings, primarily to check my RunawayTeacher page.

Is a social media fast really effective?

I have to admit I am already noticing the positive impacts of these simple changes.

  • I am much more present throughout the day. I don’t think we realize how much time we spend mindlessly staring at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, detached from what is happening in the moment.
  • My mood, or sense of well being, is improving dramatically. I did not realize how much I was impacted by what I was seeing on Facebook. The recent political climate, and the barrage of political posts, internet trolls and unwarranted attacks were really taking a toll on me, causing stress, anxiety and worry.
  • I am finding better ways to spend downtime. When my son naps, or when I’m nursing him to sleep, I have been catching up on my favorite blogs, reading the news, and most importantly writing blogs! Did I mention I am also learning Photoshop? In my spare time, I managed to design my new logo.

The downside

I will be honest and admit that removing myself from social media has made be feel a bit more isolated at times. When I am awake with my son at 2 am, I used to find solace in my favorite Facebook groups like Nursing the Littles or the Wonder Weeks groups. And I definitely miss Instagram, where I could keep up with my “virtual” mommy friends, and their babies who are the same age as my son.

Moving forward

  • I am going to just keep doing what I am doing in regard to my social media fast.
  • Long term, I may keep these apps off of my phone. If anything, I may reinstall Instagram, but access the other sites on my computer, only.
  • If nothing else, this is helping me to understand just how much time I waste on social media, and how much all of the negativity impacts me.

Are you taking a break from social media? Share your experience. Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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