Documenting This Time In Our Lives

I think it is safe to say that we are in the middle of a tumultuous but unique time in history. No matter what your political views may be, no matter your gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status…the world in which we live is unlike any other time or place in history. As a historian, and as a mom, I have been thinking of ways of documenting this time for my children so that, when they are adults, they will can look back and see what their life was like in 2020, as we navigate COVID-19, social unrest, economic challenges, and a total shift in our lives.

Because this is such a challenging time for many of us, I know that it may seem silly to want to document tough times, struggles, etc. It may seem silly to document our time stuck in doors. But, it is important to document what life is really like now, so that these stories can be passed on to future generations. This is especially important when we have small children, who are living through all of this too…but may not remember when they are older.

How do we go about documenting this time in our lives? There are so many things that we can so now, to preserve our memories for our children:

  • Write letters to your children
  • Keep a journal
  • Save newspapers and magazines
  • Keep masks
  • Hold on to communications about social distancing
  • Document the distance learning experience
  • Take pictures and videos
  • Put everything together in a binder, or box, and put it away for safe keeping

How I am going about creating memories for my little ones:

  • I am taking lots of pictures of our life at home
  • I am keeping all of the communications from Brooks’ school regarding distance learning in Kindergarten
  • I’ve taken pictures of signs in parks, stores, etc. showing precautions.
  • I’m taking pictures to document the current political situation/climate.
  • I am saving information and images from the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Taking pictures of the smoky air, as a result of the major forest fires here in Colorado.
  • I am going to write the boys a letter now, and another in a few months, and so on, until we find a sense of normalcy again.

When writing a journal or letters, consider including information about: school, work life, activities, entertainment, feelings and frustration, the political and social climate, public response to mask wearing, challenges in shopping, the toilet paper fiasco, etc. There is so much going on right now, and there is so much to remember, and so many details that will be lost in history books.

What are you doing to document life in 2020? Share your suggestions below!

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