My DIY Wedding Invitations

In all honesty, I really struggled to create my invitation design. I had an image in my head as to what I wanted my invitations to look like. But when I went to the craft stores to purchase supplies, I simply wasn’t finding the supplies that I wanted and needed. I returned home empty handed to develop a plan b, and eventually a plan c.  Here are my DIY Wedding Invitations.



8 ½” x 11” Cardstock in Pewter
12” x 12” Cardstock in Navy
Martha Stewart Crafts Double Edge Punch: Bangle Chain Trim
Paper Cutter
Computer and Printer

Step by step construction of wedding invitationsBegin by determining the desired invitation size. I am using A7 Envelopes, which measure 5.25” x 7.25” so I will be making my invitations slightly smaller than the envelope. Read more about selecting appropriate envelopes here.

I cut my navy blue paper to 5” x 7” as this will be the bottom layer of my invitation. This will fit nicely into the A7 envelope as well.

Then I will cut my pewter colored paper.  I have printed the invitation wording on this paper, and simply need to cut this paper along the line I created on my template.  These measure 4.45” x 6.5” which allows for a nice navy blue border around the invitations. Want to read more about creating your own printable? Click here.

Next, using the edge punch with same navy cardstock to create a paper ribbon. For my invitation, each “ribbon” must be at least 5” long, so that the edges will be able to fold over onto the back. If you haven’t used an edge lunch like this, practice a bit on scrap paper before trying it on your cardstock. The design on the punch is actually there to help you align the design before cutting.

Place the “ribbon” across the invitation, and position it to your liking. Once you are happy, fold the ends of the ribbon over the invitation and secure on the backside of the cardstock with adhesive. (Remember, when designing your template to leave enough room for this embellishment so that it doesn’t cover any of your wording).

Apply adhesive across the back of the invitation, and center it onto the second layer. Press firmly. And your invitation is done!

I used this same technique to create my RSVP cards and my Accommodations cards as well.

Not only was this project fun, but it was also very budget friendly. Including the cost of new printer cartridges (which we all know are crazy expensive), the invitations, RSVP and Accommodations cards cost less than $100. Perfect for the bride on a budget.

Do you have questions or want assistance? Feel free to contact me!  I am happy to help!


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