DIY Christmas Wreath


Recently, as I was browsing, I came across an adorable Christmas wreath. It was simple but fun.  I was sure that I could clone this wreath on my own!

I wanted a wreath to hang outside, however. So I wasn’t sure that white yarn would be the best choice. So I decided I would create my own version, using jute instead of white yarn!

Here is how my wreath turned out…

DIY Twine Wrapped Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Wreath Form (I chose the straw form, because I like the diameter)
  • 1 .45lb Skein of Jute
  • 2 Sheets of Red Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Green Felt
  • 1 Package of Pearl Buttons
  • 1 Package of Pins
  • 1 Tube of Glue (I like to use Unique Stitch for….pretty much everything)
  • 1 Branch of “Berries”

DIY Twine Wrapped Christmas Wreath Supplies

Let’s get started!  Begin by wrapping the wreath form with jute. Before you start, use a drop of glue and a pin to fasten the jute to the wreath form. Wrap the jute fairly tightly, making sure that each time you wrap, the jute lines up next to the previous wrap. It does not have to be perfect. A few overlapping pieces, and imperfections add character.

This step takes a while. If you need to pause, simply use a pin to fasten the jute to the wreath where you left off. Once you have finished wrapping the jute. Apply a small drop of glue to the end of the jute and fasten to the wreath form with a pin. To be safe, I repeated this process twice.

DIY Twine Wrapped Wreath Step One

Time to make the flowers. I started with the flowers. I used red felt with adhesive on the back. I would not recommend using this type of felt as it limits your ability to manipulate the fabric.

Start by tracing a circle on the felt. I made mine roughly the size of a softball. Then, cut the circle in a spiral. I cut my flowers very haphazardly, because I wanted my wreath to be a bit more “eclectic.”  If you would like more precise flowers, it may be a good idea to measure your spirals so that they are even and consistent.

Once you cut the spirals, you will wrap the spiral loosely around its center (see picture). Once, you are happy with the shape and size of your flower, use a drop of glue and a pin to secure the flower. Set aside, and repeat.  I made three flowers, but you can make more or less, depending on your desired outcome.

Making your own felt flowers

To make the leaves, I drew them freehand on the felt prior to cutting them out. There are, however, tons of printable templates on the internet if you don’t feel comfortable drawing your own.

Now that you have wrapped your wreath and made your flowers and leaves, it is time to begin attaching everything to the wreath.  I suggest laying everything out, and arranging all of the pieces before fastening anything permanently.

I started by arranging the “branch” on the wreath, and trimming it to the appropriate length. Once I found a length I liked, I fastened the branch to the wreath using another piece of jute, glue and four pins.

Then, I arranged the leaves.  Once I liked the placement of the leaves, I fastened them with a bit of glue and two pins each.

Next come the flowers. I fastened the flowers to the wreath in a similar way, but i ended up hiding the pins under the folds of the flowers. You can use many pins to ensure that the flowers sit where you’d like them to.

finishing touches for the DIY Christmas Wreath

The final step is to fasten the pearls to the center of each flower. Again, I did this with just a dab of glue.





Here is my final product!
finished DIY Christmas Wreath

Once your wreath has dried and all of the embellishments have set, it is time to add the hanger to the back. I simply fastened a piece of string on the back of the wreath so that it will hang at the desired angle.

My wreath turned out to be quite different from my inspiration, but I love it! I am sure there will be many more to come!

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