DIY Beaded Braided Bracelet

I kept seeing this beautiful turquoise braided necklace on Pinterest. It inspired me. I decided to take the same concept (braided and beaded), but create it in bracelet form instead. So, I headed to the local craft store to pick out some beads. I found a great variety beads in shades of blue and green. These would be perfect to create my DIY beaded braided bracelet.


Supplies to make a braided, beaded, braceletSupplies

Beads in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
Three Strand clasp
.7mm Stretch Magic

Notes: Stretch Magic is a great product. I highly recommend following the knotting recommendations found on the back of the Stretch Magic packaging (knot three times and add a dab of glue).
Blue Beads I LOVE the Bead Treasures bag of beads. These beads are a mixture of coordinating colors, and make for beautiful jewelry. I have often found it difficult to find beads that really “go together.” This selection makes it easy, and they are incredibly affordable.  I was then able to find other, larger beads to compliment these colors.


Begin by stringing single strands of beads. I chose to string each color separately. Make sure that you make each string is long enough to wrap around your wrist, and add approximately 3/4″  to the length to accommodate the braiding.  You will need a total of 9 strands of equal length.

Once you have all nine strands, decide which colors you’d like to group together. You will create three groups of three strands (see below).

Step by step instructions
Fasten each grouping to one side of the three stand clasp. I recommend tying each strand individually, knotting each three times and adding a dab of glue. Each “eye” on the clasp will have three strands tied to it.

Once you have fastened all of the beaded strands to the clasp, it is time to braid them. You will braid them in a standard three strand fashion. I recommend a loose braid.

Braided beaded bracelet

Once are done braiding, you will fasten the loose ends of the beaded strands to the other side of the clasp. This is a good time to adjust any strands that are too long or too short. Make sure that the beads are properly distributed along each strand. Tripple knot each strand, and add a bit of glue.

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