DIY: Neat Way to Display Your Child’s Art

We have two young artists in our home. Often, you can catch them focused on their notebooks and sketch pads, creating a new superhero, or replicating one of their favorites. Once they are done with their works of art, they end up buried amongst all of their other creations. I wanted to come up with a way for them to display their favorite pieces in their room, but in a unique way. I saw an idea on Clean and Scentsible that inspired me.  I love the general idea of the clipboards and foam letters. But I decided to change it up a bit to match the boys’ interests. Check out this unique way to display your child’s art!

Here is what I did:


DIY Art Display SuppliesFour clipboards
Cardboard letters from the local craft store (I spelled ART, but you may choose something else, like your childs name).
Acrylic Paint
Painters Tape
Paint brushes or sponge brushes
Glue (I love E6000 in clear)
Painted  Cardboard LettersTo begin, paint your letters. I started by painting each of the letters with two coats of acrylic paint in Zinc.  I love this color, by the way. It is a nice, matte color that covers fairly well.  Don’t forget to paint the sides as well!


See the progress as I paint the clipboards

While I waited for the letters to dry, I painted the clipboards with the same Zinc paint. I started by painting around the hardware at the top of the clipboard. Again, I applied two coats of paint for even coloring. Don’t forget the sides! Set aside to dry.

Letters before and after stripes

Now, back to the letters. I decided to create stripes on this set of letters.  To do this, start by outlining your stripes. Using a straight edge (I used a piece of cardboard), draw lines onto one of the letters with a pencil. I created three different stripes of different widths (a total of six individual lines). Once you are satisfied with your first set of stripes, replicate them on the next letter. I did this by lining two letters up, next to one another, and continuing the stripes from one letter to the next. Repeat until all of your letters have the initial stripe guidelines.

Carefully fill in your stripes with your chosen paint color. I learned that next time, I will be using painters tape to ensure straight lines. I did not do this with the letters, and ended up with uneven lines.   Once you have finished painting stripes on all of the letters, set them aside to dry.
Clipboards before and after stripesRepeat this process on the clipboards. You can replicate the stripe guidelines on the clipboards using the same process that was used on the letters. Again, I highly recommend using painters tape to guaranty clean, straight lines. Otherwise, making decent stripes will be difficult.  Once you have completed your stripes, set aside to dry.
Adding Hangers to the LettersOnce your letters are dry, flip them over so that the unpainted side is facing up. Cut three pieces of twine, each about 2″ in length.  Place two beads of glue on the letter, about an inch from the top, and about an inch apart (see picture). Place the twine on the letter, making sure that it sits into the beads of glue. I added another two beads of glue on top of the twine to reinforce the attachment. Repeat with each of the letters. Leave to dry.

The clipboards come with a built in hanger. If yours do not, you can add hangers using the twine and glue method.

I hung these pieces on the wall using 3M Command Hooks designed for hanging Christmas decorations. They are small, clear and do not damage the wall. They worked perfectly for this project.

DIY Art Display


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