Choosing, and Changing your Obstetrician

Choosing and obstetrician can be a tough decision. And once you have established a relationship with your provider, changing providers can be an even tougher decision. It can feel like you are betraying your doctor, or you may question your choice, and your concerns.

My First Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Brooks, I first saw a midwife at the OBGYN practice where I had been going for a few years. She quit, and I was passed to the primary OB in the practice. While she was nice enough, I always had misgivings about her, her bedside manner, and the way she handled my concerns.

I felt like she was always in a rush, and she was really annoyed by some of my questions. Her responses often made me feel like a “dumb first time mom.” So, toward the end, I asked fewer questions, and turned to Dr. Google, instead. And, after my son was born, it felt like the whole office was in a hurry to be done with me.

Deciding To Change Providers

When we decided to get pregnant with Brooks, I tried numerous times to call the office to schedule an appointment to chat with the doctor. I had a ton of questions about being pregnant now that I was older, and wanted to make sure that the risks didn’t outweigh the benefits. But…it was impossible to get through to the doctors office. And, when I was finally connected, and asked for an appointment, I was disconnected.

I promptly started searching for a new doctor. After searching and reading reviews, I came across my new OB, who was still relatively close, but had much higher reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. It was easy to schedule an appointment and…I absolutely love her. Appointments feel like we are meeting with an old friend. She was enthusiastic about our choice to try for another baby.

Since becoming pregnant, she has been so responsive to my questions, and supportive in my care. She is more open to the latest research, and findings, and wants to ensure that her patients are well informed too. My entire experience, so far, has been so much more positive. So much better.

My point is this…if you feel uncomfortable with your OB, trust your gut. It will be a very long 10 months if you don’t trust your OB, and feel comfortable with them handling your care.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is your OB or midwife accessible? Can you get ahold of them if you need them?
  2. Do you feel comfortable asking your provider questions?
  3. Is your provider supportive of your birth preferences?
  4. Does your provider stay current in terms of research, and accepted practices?


If the answer to any of these questions is no, it might be worth your time to explore other options!

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