Challenges of Quarantine Life with Kids

Like everyone else across the globe, life took a crazy turn in March. As a work from home mom, I didn’t anticipate much of a change for our family…but I was wrong.

Due to the nature of my job as an online teacher, I quickly became overwhelmed with work. For the last few months, my job has really consumed a great deal of every day…and a great deal of my life.

As someone who suffers with anxiety already, Covid-19 poses a whole new set of triggers and fears. We no longer go to the grocery store, to Target, to the mall… Instead we order for pickup, or for delivery.  And as time goes on, I have more and more anxiety about leaving the house, concerned for the health and safety of my family.

But what surprised me most was how this is all impacting our 4 (almost 5 year old) son. Being cooped up in the house has been very challenging for him. He misses his preschool class. He misses the park. He misses riding the train at the mall. When I told him I had a surprise for him the other day, he asked if it was a Coronavirus Sprayer, so that we could get rid of all of the Coronavirus at the park. And sometimes, this all brings him to tears.

And now we face new challenges, as our 4 year old prepares to enter kindergarten. He is young. This will be his first exposure to the classroom. I try and imagine what this will all look like for him, with social distancing in place. His Kindergarten experience won’t be a typical experience at all. And, more than anything, I don’t want this to be a negative experience for him. So, my husband and I have decided to have him attend virtually, from home, until things get better.

I realize that this is a luxury, as so many people are not able to be home with their children. So, I am grateful. And I am grateful that I will be able to work alongside him in his first foray into education.

For all of you amazing readers and supporters, I hope you are well. I hope that you are safe. And I hope you are taking care of yourselves. This too shall pass.

I would love to know…what are you doing to keep your little ones busy?

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