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Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays. Last year, Brooks was pretending to Trick-or-Treat, long after Halloween had ended. Since we have moved into this house, however, I have never put much effort into decorating. Halloween decorations can be really expensive, and I just haven’t made it a priority.  This year, however, I have decided to add some new decorations to our Halloween decor to create a Halloween themed entry table.  Check out a few of my inexpensive DIY Halloween Decorations! inexpensive-DIY-Halloween-Decor

My Plan

So I spent a lot of time browsing Pinterest in search of inexpensive DIY Halloween Projects. I found tons of really cute ideas. I bookmarked them, wrote project supply lists, and hit Hobby Lobby and Joann looking for what I needed. Most of the projects just needed too many supplies, or the supplies were too expensive to justify a DIY Halloween project.

Plan B

Instead, I decided to look for the best bargains on supplies, and see what I could create from there! First, I checked out Dollar Tree! They had so many Halloween decorations and supplies already, and for a dollar! Unfortunately, Brooks thought most of the items were too spooky, so I had to pass up lots of cute pieces. But check out these beaded pumpkins I picked up, for a dollar each. I took one of our large bowls, wrapped it in orange burlap that I had from an old DIY project, and arranged the pumpkins to create a simply, pretty display…

Glitter Pumpkin Display

We then decided to check out Hobby Lobby, with a coupon of course. At Hobby Lobby I was able to come up with two additional project ideas. These would actually involve some paint, and some glue…my favorite.

DIY Halloween Decor: Boo!


  • 8 1/4″ Paper Mache letters (1B, 2O) *Note–I was able to grab them for %50 off, $4.50 for all three.
  • Orange acrylic paint *Note–I chose Anita’s Acrylic Paint in Pumpkin, $0.77
  • Black paint marker–$1.99
  • Black spiders–*I found a package of 6 dimensional, sparkly little spiders for $2.99
  • Hot glue
  • Paint brushes

I painted the paper mache letters first. I recommend painting all sides, just so that you can display them at any angle. Once that dried, I used the black paint marker to draw a few spider webs on each letter. Each of my letters has two webs, but you can get creative! Finally, I used my hot glue gun to glue the spiders onto the letters, placing them on the webs. Each letter has two spiders. So, for about $10 and an hour worth of work, I have this cute BOO to place on my entry table!

DIY Halloween Decor: Bat Tree


  • One 12″x12″ sheet of black glitter craft paper–$1.99
  • One bunch of black glitter branches–*Note: These were $11.99 but I used my 40% off coupon, so they ended up being just under $7
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Vase–*Note:I used a vase that I had already

This was a super quick and easy project. The first thing I did was a Google image search for a bat template. Once I found the silhouette I liked, I printed it out on plain computer paper, and used that as a template to cut a total of 6 bats from my glitter paper. I recommend arranging the bats along one side of the glitter paper, so that you can still use the rest of the paper, later.

Next, I arranged the branches in my vase, spreading them out a bit for more volume. This step is messy, so you may want to do it outside. I used my hot glue gun to carefully glue the bats throughout the branches!

So, for a total of about $25, and less than 2 hours of work, I have this simply but cute DIY Halloween themed table!

What are some of your favorite DIY Halloween projects? Share below!

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