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  • Working_at_home_with_a_toddler

    Working From Home With a Toddler

    Last year, I wrote a blog with some strategies for working from home with an infant. There were many strategies that seemed to work well with my tiny, immobile baby boy: baby wearing, working during naps,…

  • Baby

    Baby B is One Year Old!

    Okay, this post is a bit late. Our little munchkin is officially one year old! As I sit and watch him play, I can see that he is clearly moving into the…

  • Baby

    Baby is Eleven Months Old

    Eleven months old…already. Our baby will be a one-year-old in one month. I just can’t believe it has been a year since we welcomed little Baby B to the world.  As he…

  • 10-month-old-baby

    Baby is Ten Months Old

    When I set out to document my son’s growth, I hoped to take photos of him each month, in a similar pose. He has other plans. So, this month, I’ve chosen a cute…

  • 9-month-old

    Baby is Nine Months Old

    Our son is nine months old today! It feels like I say this every month (and I am pretty sure I do), but the little man has grown so quickly, and learned…

  • Baby

    Pregnancy Progression Photo Book

    If you take a look at my blog, you will see that posted many pregnancy progression photos, documenting my ever-growing belly before I gave birth to my son. I really enjoyed the process…

  • Four must read books for new mommies

    Four Must Read Books for New Mommies

    When we found out we were expecting a child, we were so incredibly excited. I realized, however, that I knew virtually nothing about caring for a baby. I had such minimal experience…

  • Baby

    Baby is Eight Months Old

    Eight months ago we welcomed our little munchkin into the world. Each and every day my husband and I marvel at what an amazing little boy he is, and what a blessing…

  • baby-is-seven-months-old

    Baby is Seven Months Old

    Our little munchkin is seven months old! It seems like we have seen so many changes in the last month. Virtually every morning, he seems older and each day he seems to…