Jack is 9 Months Old!

Jack is 9 months old. It is so fun to see the different paths that your children take in terms of development.  And, at the same time, it is bittersweet that, while he is ahead of the game in terms of development, he is zooming through his baby phase too quickly!

At 9 months old…

  • Jack is so fast, and so mischievous. We really have to keep an eye on him, as he disappears quickly, and always finds things he shouldn’t be touching.
  • He waves hello and says “Hi!”
  • He raises his hands up when you ask, “How big is Jack?
  • He is saying “dada,” “papa,” and “that.”
  • He’ll slap your hand when you say “Gimme 5!”
  • He gives big hugs.
  • He pulls up on everything, even things that are not so stable.
  • He’s loving finger foods, like raspberries, sweet potato, etc.
  • He is back to not sleeping well, waking up multiple times each night.
  • He really loves baby time at the library, especially when it is time to play!
  • He loves to play with his brother, and wants to do whatever he is doing.

At 9 months old, Jack is such a bright spot in our lives. He is fun, and silly, and the perfect addition to our family. I love how much he loves his brother, and how he snuggles up to daddy. It is fun to see the little man he is becoming.

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