Burlap Covered Letters

Perusing Pinterest, I have come across a number of great ideas for decorating cardboard and wood letters with a variety of materials—paint, glitter, yarn and photos seem to be the most popular choices. I wanted to do this with our initials for our home.  I love, love, love burlap so I thought I’d try wrapping some cardboard letters I found at the local craft store with a pretty rusty-orange burlap I discovered as well.   I absolutely love the outcome–burlap covered letters!
Burlap covered letters suppliesMy supplies:

Painting cardboard lettersThe first thing you need to do is paint the letters with an acrylic paint that matches the burlap you chose. The burlap tends to have an open weave, and you can see the cardboard behind it.

Then, paint your heart cutout with an acrylic paint that complements the color of your burlap. I chose a rich brown color.

Lay your burlap out on a flat surface and lay your letter on top of it, paint-side-down. Cut the burlap so that you have about an inch of extra fabric on all sides of the letter.
Glue burlap to the lettersWith the letter paint-side-down on the burlap, apply a thin line of glue along one side. Fasten the burlap to the back of the letter, as shown.  Make sure you hold the burlap to the letter until the glue “grabs” it.  Continue all along the edges of your letter.  You may need to cut excess fabric away, or cut slits so that the burlap can be wrapped around all sides.

Warning: The backside of the letter is definitely not pretty. I may purchase to more letters (an A and an S to glue to the backside of these letters).

If you see any stray threads, you can glue them down, or cut them away. Be careful, however, because burlap frays EASILY!

Attach the heart to the lettersOnce you have covered your letters and the glue has completely dried, arrange them fabric side up on a hard surface.  Determine where you will place your heart.  Placement is important, as this heart will fasten your letters together.  Once you have found a placement you like, place a dab of glue on each letter, and place the heart on top. Once you have done this…place something heavy on top of the heart and initials. This will help the pieces to adhere together properly.

You may want to fasten a string or wire on the back of the letters so that you can hang them on the wall. Otherwise, you can lean them against a wall, inside of a bookcase…wherever you choose.

Burlap Covered Initials



And voila!  Now I just need to figure out where to put mine!



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