Brooks is three!

Brooks is three!

Okay, three and two weeks officially, but he is three! How did this happen!

This year has passed so quickly. It feels as though we were just in California, celebrating his second birthday. Brooks has been a blessing to our family, and everyone he meets, since he was born. Three year old Brooks is bright, charming, and incredibly sweet. He keeps his daddy and I on our toes, every single day.

At three years old…

  • Brooks still loves his books. He spends time every day looking at his books, and reading them to us. He has memorized stories, and can retell them word-for-word.
  • He has mastered (and I mean mastered) his numbers, letters, colors, planets, and animals (especially sea animals).
  • He is very, very quirky. He insists on doing everything in alphabetical order. I am not joking. When we go to the grocery store, he often gets frustrated if I don’t pick up produce in alphabetical order (apples first). Or, when he plays with his animals, he lines them up in alphabetical order. At his recent doctor appointment, he started telling the pediatrician all about sea animals (in alphabetical order, starting with the angler fish.
  • He loves to eat, when he feels like it. At a restaurant, his go to is French fries and avocado (keep the avocado coming). He loves chicken nuggets, all fruits, all vegetables, hummus, water and apple juice. Oh, and I can’t forget his three-year-old Starbucks order: lemon pound cake and a birthday cake cake-pop please!
  • He doesn’t like other kids, which may be a bit of an understatement. He avoids them at all costs. Other kids tend to be a bit to rambunctious for Brooks, and he sticks as close to mommy (or a trusted adult) as he can. This definitely causes problems at the gym daycare, because he freaks out if his favorite teacher has to step away to change a diaper, or transport a kid.
  • He loves going to the library, and checks out his own books at the kiosk, after mommy enters his account information. He really loves all of the hands on stations throughout the kids section of the library, and he has recently moved up to Storytime, instead of toddler time.
  • He loves doing arts and crafts, including playdough, painting, and using his chalkboard. He has been practicing drawing his letters on his new easel. 
  • He loves playing with his animals, cars, books, and anything that involves letters.
  • He loves being outside, playing in the dirt, and playing at the playground (as long as there are no other kids around).
  • He is a great helper around the house. He helps with laundry, cleaning up, and especially cooking!
  • He loves his family. He is a daddy’s boy most of the time, and loves spending time with his brothers, and gramma and papa!
  • He is still obsessed with our recent trip to Las Vegas, and the “big castle” where we stayed.

Slow down little one…

I really need time to slow down a bit, as he is growing up too quickly. It is true what they say: The days are long, but the years are short. As a work from home mommy, this couldn’t be more accurate.

I look forward, however, to watching him grow into himself, and become the amazing person he is destined to be. I am know I am partial, but I think it is safe to say, this little boy is really amazing, and really special.

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