Blogger’s Block

Guys! I have writer’s block. Or maybe it is “blogger’s” block. I haven’t forgotten about Runaway Teacher. I am just so hesitant to write about my ideas. I have even written a few blogs about life lately, and about our holiday activities, but I just couldn’t bring myself to post them. This year has been a bit of a bust in the blogging department. Remember my “Happiness Project” plan? That lasted about five months and then, splat. I dropped that ball.

This blogging thing is hard. It has been especially hard as I try to overcome feeling self-conscious about my posts and ideas—even after years of writing. But hang in there. In the coming year I plan to return to blogging with a vengeance.  I have some fun new ideas for posts, and projects.

Thank you for being loyal readers. Here is to a new year. 2018, I am coming for ya! In the meantime, here is some gratuitous toddler spam:


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