Baby’s Second Month

The two month mark has crept up on us so quickly! It seems like only yesterday that we brought our little nugget home from the hospital. In babys second month, he has grown and learned so much.

  • First, and most importantly, we have SMILES! Our little guy smiles and laughs throughout the day.
  • He has begun to talk….in his baby language. Some days he likes to have long conversations with mommy and daddy!
  • He reaches for things, and grabs at them. I love when he grabs my shirt when he nurses, and holds on for dear life.
  • He is sleeping for longer stretches, most nights. The longest stretch so far has been a solid six hours!
  • His hair is growing in, which is so exciting! Especially since mommy had accidentally rubbed a bald spot on his head!
  • He had his first round of shots. He only screamed for a second, but mommy cried like a baby! Thank goodness daddy was there!
  • He is growing like a weed! At his most recent appointment, he was 10lbs 12oz, and 22 inches long!
  • He is quickly growing out of his 3-month-old clothing, but his 6-month-old clothing is still too big!
  • halloweenHe has celebrated two holidays already; Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • His first Halloween costume: a baby lion! He was not impressed!
  • He loves bath time!
  • He made his first hour and a half car ride to Denver. There were a few rough patches, but all in all he did great.
  • He continues to be mellow, happy baby!
  • He loves to play on his play mat, and is beginning to reach for all of the fun, dangly toys. He really enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror too!
  • He loves spending time with his family! He loves cuddling with mommy and daddy, playing with his big brothers, and snuggling with Gramma and Pop Pop.
  • He dislikes tummy time. A lot! But this is something we will continue to work on!
  • He enjoyed watching us decorate the tree for Christmas, and he helped me hang the first ornament on the tree!
  • He is looking forward to his first Christmas and he can’t wait to see what Santa brings! Okay, maybe he doesn’t know about all of that just yet. But the rest of us are excited!

Every day we fall more and more in love with our little boy. And each day he continues to amaze us with his growth and new skills! We can’t wait to see what comes next!

The many faces of Brooks: 2 Months Old

IMG_1432 IMG_1381 IMG_1255

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