Baby’s First Month

One Month Old

I can’t believe our little man has been here for a month already. He is such a little blessing and we marvel at him each and every day. I know that we are biased, but we can’t help but stare at him, in awe of his cuteness. While we love watching him grow and learn, it is also sad to watch it all happen so quickly. Can’t he stay tiny forever?

In Baby’s First Month…

  • Brooks has big, bright eyes and is always looking around. He is a curious little guy.
  • Daddy calls him Gizmo because he makes the cutest squeaky sounds.
  • He looks just like daddy!
  • He eats like a champ. At birth he weighted 7lbs. 15oz. After losing a whole pound in just a few days, he gained it all back quickly. At one point, he gained 18oz. in only 10 days!
  • Speaking of growth, his newborn clothes are snug! He has already begun to wear his 3 month outfits!
  • He does not enjoy socks or pants.
  • He is very mellow. The doctors and nurses at the hospital and the pediatrician’s office comment on how calm he is!
  • He is beginning to have great neck and head control, and is getting stronger every day.
  • He has had a few visitors, here and there, and loves spending lots of time with Gramma and Pop Pop.
  • His big brothers love him to pieces.
  • He enjoys gazing at his blue star mobile.
  • He loves listening to ocean sounds from my white noise app.
  • He has hiccups often, just like when he was in my tummy.
  • He dislikes baby wearing…for the first five minutes. Then he is out like a light!
  • He has daddy and I wrapped around his little finger. I mean, have you seen his face?
  • We are so excited for all of the upcoming milestones. I am impatiently awaiting that first baby smile (he has some serious dimples, and I can’t wait to see them in action).

The many (handsome) faces of Brooks…

baby 4 image3 copy baby 2 baby 1

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