Baby is Ten Months Old

When I set out to document my son’s growth, I hoped to take photos of him each month, in a similar pose. He has other plans. So, this month, I’ve chosen a cute photo. It is not the pose I’d hoped for, but it is cute. And, it definitely shows his personality!  I realized today that Brooks is only two months away from being a year old. How is this possible? It felt like I was pregnant forever, and now that he is here, he is growing so quickly. This month has been one of crazy growth and development.

This month…

  • Brooks continued to master the army crawl.
  • He loves standing up, and has begun to pull himself up to a standing position, wherever he can!
  • He has gotten really good at walking across the room with mommy or daddy’s help.
  • He loves his books, and our story time. We read three times a day, and he loves to turn the pages. Our new favorite book is Llama Llama Red Pajama.


  • He has mastered finger foods, and really loves blueberries, chicken and, most recently, kiwi.
  • Brooks claps, and puts his hands above his head to show what a big boy he is.
  • He continues to work on new sounds and words. Lately he has been practicing his O, W, and G sounds. We are pretty sure he says, “Oh Boy!”
  • He loves baby time at the local library. When the teacher reads the story, he listens intently. He loves playing with the big parachute, too. He is not so sure about the other babies, though.


  • Sleep has become increasingly challenging, as he wakes up every hour throughout the night.
  • Brooks has developed so many different facial expressions to show how he is feeling.
  • We went to Garden of the Gods, and took our first hike.  He did great in the Ergo carrier!


  • He loves his Jolly Jumper, and has figured out how to jump really high!
  • Now that Brooks can crawl, he has begun to really explore the house. He especially loves his brothers’ rooms.
  • He stayed with Gramma and Pop-pop for the first time, so my husband and I could enjoy brunch to celebrate our Anniversary. He did great!
  • He loves to swim around in his duck pool during hot summer days.

swimming pool

Every day, Brooks seems to learn something new. Its such an amazing process to watch. And his personality continues to blossom. He is such a fun little boy, and he continues to make each day brighter!


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