Baby is Seven Months Old

Our little munchkin is seven months old! It seems like we have seen so many changes in the last month. Virtually every morning, he seems older and each day he seems to learn something new. Now, it seems like time is flying by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday Baby B was so helpless. Now, he is becoming his own person, more and more, each day.babyinsunglasses

  • He is our little chatterbox. He says “Baba,” and “Hi Dada!”
  • Eating has become really fun. He still breastfeeds, and enjoys solids a few times a day. He loves his apples and squash!
  • He still doesn’t enjoy sleeping, and wakes up throughout the night. But, mommy is learning to enjoy every minute of snuggle time she can get…even at 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the morning.
  • He loves to play with his stacking cups, and knocks over towers that mommy and daddy make. He also loves his baby cell phone that daddy bought for him.



  • He loves Mickey’s Clubhouse, and he smiles as soon as he hears the theme song.
  • He loves spending time with grandma and pop pop.
  • Pop Pop bought him a DVD player for the car. This will make trips in the car much easier, especially those trips to Denver!
  • He loves bath time, especially now that he has some new bath toys. Now he has something to chew on in the bathtub too!
  • He continues to sit up like a pro, for long periods of time, without any support. This makes playing with his toys so much fun!
  • Baby B loves his feet, and enjoys munching on his toes.


  • He is spending lots of time on his tummy so he can work on crawling!
  • Thanks to all this tummy time, he now rolls over like a champ.
  • He is learning to wave, and really enjoys waving to daddy!

My husband and I continue to be amazed by this little boy. His sweet personality is the best part of every day. Now, if we can proceed in slow motion, that would be great! I need to keep him little for a long time!

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