Baby is Nine Months Old

Our son is nine months old today! It feels like I say this every month (and I am pretty sure I do), but the little man has grown so quickly, and learned so much, in the last few weeks. As he gets closer to the one-year mark, the changes seem more and more drastic. Sometimes I look at him and see a toddler, instead of a little baby. I wish the time would pass more slowly.

At nine months…

• Our little guy feeds himself crackers, baby snacks and small pieces of fruits and vegetables.
• He had his first cold. It was mainly just a nasty cough, but he got better quickly!
• While he isn’t quite crawling (at least not in the traditional sense), he army crawls all over the place.
• He is working on pulling himself up to a standing position.
• He loves to dance, and sing!
• He loves to make mommy, daddy and his brothers laugh.

all smiles
• He has started rolling over in his crib.
• His favorite movie is Monsters, Inc.
• He fits comfortably into his 12 month clothes
• We made our first visit to the swimming pool, and he loved it!baby-snacking
• We continue to practice using sippy cups, since he still dislikes bottles.
• He attended his first Baby Time class at the local public library, and he had a great time reading, singing and playing with the other babies.
• We had our nine month checkup and the doctor says he is doing great.
• He continues to breastfeed, and enjoys trying new purees and table foods. Yesterday, he tried, and loved, orange juice and pancakes (just a taste of course).

new ball
• He loves playing with his dump truck, his big bouncy ball, daddy’s electronics and mommy’s kitchen utensils.
• Sleep is still hit or miss, but naps have been much better!

In the next few weeks I think he will master crawling, and pulling himself to a standing position. We will continue to enjoy his fun personality, and watching him grow into the fun little munchkin that he has become.

And just for fun…here are some outtakes from our impromptu photo session.


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