Baby is Four Months Old!

Today’s photo shoot was a bit difficult. Our little man was simply too preoccupied with his feet, and annoyed with my attempts to get him to smile. 4-months-oldI can’t believe he’s already four months old. He already has such an amazing personality, and he is rather set in his ways. His daddy and I often joke that he’s like a little old man. He knows exactly what he likes, and prefers routine. He is definitely the perfect baby for us.

At four months…

  • 4-month-old-sitting-upBaby loves to sit up! When daddy tries to relax with him, reclining on the couch, the little guy will insist on sitting up.
  • He loves to stand with daddy’s help.
  • baby bathtubWe recently took the newborn sling out of the baby tub. He now sits up instead, and splashes all of the water out of the tub.
  • The cold, dry Colorado air has forced us to cut bath time down to only once every few days.
  • He still loves his play gym, and can play independently for quite a while, grabbing his toys with little effort.
  • Even though his feet don’t quite touch the ground, he loves his walker.hanging-out-in-walker
  • He is going through a very slobbery stage. We recently bought bibs to prevent his shirt from being constantly soggy.
  • He continues to develop new voices, and loves to practice them all the time.
  • He loves watching cartoons, especially the Chuggingtons.
  • After some rough nights, he has begun to sleep through the night again. The most recent, longest stretch–8 PM to 6 AM.
  • He has completely outgrown his three-month clothes, and is comfortably wearing his six-month outfits.
  • He gets a bit crabby when he has to watch everyone else eat…we have a feeling he is going to be a great eater.
  • He still just does not like to nap. The only way I can get him to have a solid nap during the day, is to make sure I hold him the entire time.
  • He likes to sing with mommy. His favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine.”
  • He has decided he no longer likes the bottle, or his pacifiers. We are going to have to work on addressing the bottle issue soon.4-month-old-tummy-time
  • Tummy time has become less traumatic for him, and each day he spends about five minutes on his belly. Baby steps.
  • Based on our measurements he is right around 14 lbs., and 25 1/2 inches long.

I love that I can stay home with our little guy, as I get to continue to watch him grow and learn new skills each day. It will be fun to see what the next month will bring!

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