Baby is Eight Months Old

Eight months ago we welcomed our little munchkin into the world. Each and every day my husband and I marvel at what an amazing little boy he is, and what a blessing he is to our family. It seems like every day he wakes up with a new skill or ability. Its just so amazing to witness. Today, he isn’t feeling so well. Teething is really taking its toll on our little munchkin. Daddy and I tried our hardest to get him to smile, but he just wasn’t having it.

At eight months old…

  • He has his first tooth! Its not all the way out, but it is on its way!
  • He has learned to hand things to daddy.
  • He has new sounds “nah nah,” “ma ma,” and loves to hear his loud loud voice.
  • Loves to yell, “Ay!” like “The Fonz.”
  • He is a pro at rolling all around, especially on mommy and daddy’s bed.
  • grumpy_babyNapping is getting better, with two solid naps most days.
  • He is more sensitive this month and is experiencing some serious separation anxiety.
  • He loves to dance and bounce around, especially when Mickey’s Clubhouse comes on.
  • When he is in a good mood, he loves to sing at the top of his lungs.
  • He loves to munch on teething biscuits, but doesn’t love when they get stuck to his hands.
  • We added some new foods to his diet: prunes, peaches, green beans, strawberries, melon and beets. He seems to like them all.
  • He has learned to give hugs and kisses (the best hugs and kisses).


  • He met Grammie Kim and cousin Jaszmine. He made sure to give them lots of love while they were here!
  • He started to blow lots of raspberries again!
  • He goes on lots of walks with mommy…but he doesn’t love them.
  • We visited the Children’s Hospital in Denver to a visit a dermatologist this month. We are working on treating his baby eczema.
  • He waves hello and goodbye, shakes his head to say “no,” and gives high fives!
  • He took his first ride in a cart at Toys R’ Us…he did great.
  • He has tried out the big boy high chairs in a few restaurants.

highchair copy 2

As the weeks progress I know he will continue to learn and grow. In the meantime I will continue to soak in every part of every day with him at this age…especially the middle of the night snuggle sessions. No matter how tired I am, I know that these moments won’t last forever.

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