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If you do a Google search for must haves for baby, there are 13,500,000 results. If you search in Amazon, you get over 1,000 results. My point is, there is an endless list of baby gear that companies insist you can’t live without. As a mom of two little boys, I fell victim to some of these worthless, gimmicky items, and wasted a ton of money. Along the way, however, I found a few items that have been worth the money, and that we just can’t live without. From one mommy to another, give this baby gear a try:

  1. The Chicco Bravo Travel system consists of an infant car seat and stroller that work seamlessly together. They can be really expensive, so many mom’s find themselves asking—Is this really necessary. Let me tell you…you may be able to live without a travel system, but your life will be so much easier if you purchase one. We love our Chicco Bravo travel system. We love it so much that, once we had our second baby, I purchased the Chicco Bravo for 2, which accommodates the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat, and allows my toddler to stand or sit and ride.
  2. The Ergo 360 with Infant Insert: Babywearing has saved my life. Okay, maybe it didn’t literally save my life, but it has saved my sanity. I love my wrap style carriers for doing things around the house, but I prefer a more structured, secure carrier like the Ergo 360 for our adventures outside of the home. It is adjustable, flexible for baby as they grow, and definitely saves you from back pain.
  3. The Fisher-Price Sweet Surroundings Monkey Cradle n’ Swing: So, with my first son, I didn’t get a swing until it was too late. And, but the time I got one, my son wasn’t having it. This time around, I put the new baby into a swing pretty early on, and it allowed him to get used to it very quickly! We love our Fisher-Price Sweet Surroundings Monkey Cradle n’ Swing. It can be plugged into the wall, or it can use the portable battery pack. The swing is adjustable, and features vibration and a number of different sounds for baby. It was definitely well worth the money
  4. Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair: An all-in-one highchair will be a staple in your kitchen for years to come. My 3 ½ year old still uses his highchair. We love the Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 high chair. It is fully adjustable, it reclines, the seat and tray are easy to remove and wash, and it can become a booster seat. We are about to add another to our home for the new baby, as well.
  5. Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit: If your baby isn’t the greatest sleeper, there are so many “solutions” on the market. The one solution that has worked for us is the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. In fact, it is the only way that I can get the baby to sleep without being held! These come in a lighter cotton fabric, as well as fleece. They also come in a variety of sizes. Yes, he looks like Ralphie from Christmas Story, but it works!

Of course every baby is different, and nothing works perfectly for all babies. But, of all of the baby gear we have tried, I highly recommend you give these a try!

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