Baby B is One Year Old!

Okay, this post is a bit late. Our little munchkin is officially one year old! As I sit and watch him play, I can see that he is clearly moving into the toddler phase of life. His personality is so sweet, and silly. He is incredibly strong willed, and he is brave (okay… he is a thrill seeker). While I miss the teeny tiny baby phase, I love the little boy he is becoming. Who knew being a mommy would be so stinking fun.

This little one year old…

  • He can say mommy, daddy, Pop Pop, baby, down, and blue. But he mimics so many of the words we say each day!
  • He continues to love his books. We read multiple times a day!
  • He’s growing well! In three months he gained two pounds, and grew two inches!
  • He loves to eat: waffles, organic hot dogs, berries, avocados and meatloaf! And baked goods!


  • He loves practicing walking, as he zooms around holding on to the edge of ┬áthe couch, or dragging Pop Pop along behind him
  • He has five teeth!
  • He took his first airplane trip to Toledo to visit daddy’s family!
  • In Toledo, he went to the zoo for the first time and had a blast! He even fed a giraffe some lettuce!


  • He is sleeping better, with more consistent naps and longer stretches through the night!
  • He loves a few cartoons, including Bubble Guppies, Super Why! and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • We had a great time celebrating his birthday, but he didn’t devour his smash cake! He just picked at it a bit.


  • This will be his last month going to Baby Time at the library. He will officially be too old at 13 months. Time to find a new group!
  • He loves technology and playing with daddy’s cell phone, the television┬áremote control, and mommy’s laptop!

This year has been such an amazing whirlwind. My husband and I are just so in love with our little man. He makes each day bright, fun and new. While I will not be blogging his monthly progress from this point forward, I will be checking in regularly to talk about life with our toddler. Stay tuned!

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