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Our Little One Is Three Months Old

I can’t tell if time is flying, or if the days are just slowly creeping by. As a stay at home mom, some days seem incredibly long. But it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in a hospital room, waiting for labor to progress.  And here we are…Jack is suddenly three months old. In the last few days he has changed so much!

At Three Months Old…

  • Jack finished his third leap according to The Wonder Weeks
  • He is such a happy baby most of the time, with a huge smile and gorgeous dimples.
  • He has started to laugh and giggle, and it is contagious.
  • Very recently he has been able to hold his head up, only wobbling a little!
  • Jack loves his big brother, and stares at him intently (especially when we are in the car).
  • Speaking of the car…he is not a fan. He is fine if the car is moving, but as soon as we stop, he cries.

  • He is in love with daddy, too. Daddy gets endless the smiles, coos and snuggles,
  • He no longer loves his swing, preferring to lay flat on our cushy rug, instead.
  • He can grasp and shake his rattle.
  • He is much more mellow during bath!
  • He loves when mommy sings to him.
  • He is dealing with some unrelenting eczema, which the pediatrician suspects is being caused by a food allergy. At this time, mommy is banned from all dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. And he will be seeing the same allergist as his big brothers.
  • Like big brother, he doesn’t love sleeping. But luckily, in this house, we are used to wakeful nights.
  • He hates being swaddled, but his startle reflex is too strong not to.
  • He went on his first nature hike, and he wasn’t a fan.
  • He continues to enjoy his visits with gramma and papa.

All-in-all we are settling in to life with a new baby. And, as the weather gets warmer, I look forward to getting out and doing more with the boys, including baby time at the library! I am also looking forward to watch Jack’s personality develop, and watching him grow and learn!

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