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Amy Walker

  • Baby

    Little Man Turned Two

    You guys! This little boy just turned two! Okay, it happened a week ago, but life (and a cold) got in the way of a blog post. Anyway, he turned two, and…

  • Food!

    Man Friendly Meatless Meals: Part 2

    It’s time for another installment of Man Friendly Meatless Meals! While my husband and I are by no means vegetarian at this point, we continue to reduce the amount of meat and…

  • nursing a toddler

    Nursing A Toddler

    I would love to be able to say I’m a loud and proud breastfeeding mama. Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly proud to be breastfeeding my toddler just four months short of…

  • This Beautiful Life

    Life Lately

    Yikes! I have been slacking a bit in terms of blogging lately. Life got a bit busy, and blogging fell to the back burner. But, spring weather is here. Our little man…

  • #2017ProjectChange

    Feeling defeated

    Going into 2017, I had high hopes and high expectations for a new year and for my personal goals. This year I was going to tackle my lengthy resolution list, and make great…

  • Baby

    Our Favorite Books for Learning

    Hello all! It has been a while since my last “favorite books” post! This time around, I want to highlight our favorite books for learning. These books have great pictures, simple words,…

  • DIY

    DIY No Soliciting Sign

    Recently, we have had many people ringing our doorbell.  As we have hail damage repaired on our house, our doorbell is constantly ringing—contractors , roofers, siding guys, window repairmen, you name it.…