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Jack is 8 Months Old

Well, this is super late. The beginning of the school year has been pretty busy to say the least, and I hadn’t had a chance to take Jack’s picture, let alone write this blog. So, at this point, he turned 8 months about three weeks ago (whoops). This month has been insane in regard to Jack’s milestones, and the rate at which time is passing is so overwhelming.

At 8 months…

  • Jack is a pro when it comes to crawling, and this dude can move FAST.
  • He pulls himself up on everything, but with that comes lots and lots of falls.

  • He is such a happy boy. My husband calls him Jolly Jack, and that name is so fitting.
  • He loves to bug his big brother, and tries to wrestle whenever he has a chance.
  • He is trying to walk. I wish I were joking, but Jack is seriously trying to use his walker toy to walk on his own. Mommy is not okay with this.
  • He is trying more and more foods! This time around, I put far less time and energy into focusing on his diet. At this point I buy level 2 baby foods, and provide him with a variety each week. He seems to really like everything. Prunes and yogurt, however, make him break out.

  • Jack makes sweet little kissing noises by smacking his lips.
  • He has learned to clap, and he loves clapping all the time…even when he is being naughty.
  • He has started sleeping better. By better, I mean he wakes up 2-5 times a night instead of 10+ times. Honestly… I’ll take it.
  • He loves playing with all of his brother’s toys, especially his pretend sandwich set, his blocks and, well, pretty much anything that Brooks is playing with at the moment.

  • Jack has started going to baby time at the library, and loves looking at, and playing with, all the other babies! It is so fun to watch!

I am sure I am forgetting some major milestones, because I am always forgetting something. But I’ll be sure to add those to next month’s blog!

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