#2017ProjectChange: No Spend January

Hey all! I hope that 2017 is off to a great start for everyone. If you read my last post Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017, you know that I am embarking upon a year long project to make some great changes! My cheesy name for my project? #2017ProjectChange

January Goal

For the month of January, I have chosen to focus on saving more, spending less.


So, I’m not a big spender to begin with. I’m fairly frugal actually.  Or at least I thought I was, until I begin scouring my checkbook, figuring out how much money I spend on unnecessary things. During the holidays I tend to get a little “loose” in regard to spending. I found myself stopping at Starbucks four to five times a week. At $8 a pop, that is $32 to $40 a week, $128-$160 a month! Just for coffee! On average I spend about $300 a month, total, on things I don’t need. My greatest guilty pleasure is wandering the aisles of Target when I am stressed, or have cabin fever.

I would love to cut back on this frivolous spending. But where do I start? Especially when I’m already pretty careful about budgeting. The answer? No spend January. This doesn’t involve spending no money. Instead, the challenge is to buy only necessities for the entire month. This means I can buy groceries, gas, diapers, etc. For one month, however, there will be no spending on things like fast food, Starbucks, Target retail therapy, Apple apps, etc. The exception is that purchases can be made if we have gift cards. My husband and I received a number of gift cards for Christmas, so we won’t be completely deprived.

Now what?

So here is my plan for week one:

  • I can buy gas and necessary groceries as needed this week.
  • We will also have a doctor copay.
  • I will also be using Christmas gift cards to buy a new pair of jeans.
  • As much as I want to save it, I can use my Starbucks gift card, should I encounter a coffee emergency. Yes, there is such a thing!

I’m excited to see how much money I will save by limiting my purchases. And money I save this month will go toward paying a little extra on a bill next month. I am also hoping this will have a lasting impact on my spending, and help me to think twice before I stop at Starbucks for the forth time in any given week!

What are your goals for January? What changes are you hoping to make, and how will you tackle them? Comment below to share your plan!

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