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You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I really haven’t been writing much about our little man. To be honest, it is not that I don’t want to write about him. I have so much to write and share. I would love to talk about his development, his quirkiness, his fun personality, and his antics.


But I don’t write about it.

I was blogging consistently when I was pregnant, and throughout his first year, detailing all of his fun milestones. But, once he passed the one year mark, his development was just different. He was learning things quickly. Too quickly. He learned his alphabet and could identify letters by 18 months. He learned his shapes and colors at that point too. He learned complex animal names soon after, including dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus. He went on to learn his planets, states, sea life. He counts. He speaks in complex sentences. He knows the difference between an excavator and a backhoe and is quick to correct me. He tells jokes. He is 2 ½.

I don’t write about this.

You see, I have spent a lot of time in mommy groups and, when parents talk about unique development like this, they are eaten alive. Oh, your kid knows his shapes? Aren’t you special? I am not sure I am ready for that type of response.

See, here is the thing—I don’t want to write about these things to brag.

Believe it or not, this rate of development comes with its own set of challenges. Instead, I would love to find (or form) a community of parents who have been there, done that. Or, better yet, find parents who are in the thick of it too. I want to know, how do I provide enough opportunities for learning, while letting him be a kid? How can I continue to foster his curiosity and growth? What is the best choice when it comes to preschool? Will it be of value? How do you handle the asynchronous development that comes with accelerated intellectual development?

And I hope for understanding. I think many people assume that our little guy is smart because I am a teacher. I must spend my days homeschooling him, and drilling him on the basics. That just isn’t the case. He asks questions. What is this? What is that? What does a lion eat? Where does a hippo live? And he absorbs. He absorbs everything. All of his learning is his own.

So I plan to begin blogging about our munchkin once more, for this very reason. I want to share what we are experiencing because maybe someone else will find it valuable. I want to share activities, resources, etc., and I hope to gain some in the process too!

I hope you’ll chime in along the way, and share with people who may find this valuable, as well.


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